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Grandma's lamp needs some love

My grandmother gave me this lamp when I was really young, and due to...extreme differences in opinion we haven't spoken since I was 5 so I…

Started by Stephanie

4 Apr 30, 2008
Reply by Astrobaby

Lamp ID / bulb help / stuck lava!

I've searched around a bunch but haven't found anything that directly applies to my case, although I did see some tips that I'm probably go…

Started by Chris

14 Apr 26, 2008
Reply by Jenny

HELP! Small bits of wax won't melt

Hey! I bought a Mathmos 'Jet' and it seems pretty clear to me that the bottle has been shaken :( Thing is, the wax has some very tiny bubbl…

Started by Ford Prefect - NPNG

4 Apr 26, 2008
Reply by Ford Prefect - NPNG

Mathmos Jet

I have a UK mathmos JET lamp in black. It was bought about 14 years ago and i've just found it again after a massive clearout. I've switche…

Started by SAFC2403

6 Apr 25, 2008
Reply by Astrobaby

Lamp not cycling correctly

Hello, I recently refurbished my lamp. I am using the same lava substance that came with the lamp and really just changed out the water. At…

Started by Logan

3 Apr 24, 2008
Reply by Bohdan

Filtering a trident tower

i picked one of these up on ebay a few weeks ago, it's very cloudy and isn't showing much sign of settling down. blue/clear with the moon a…

Started by Purity!

6 Apr 24, 2008
Reply by Bohdan

Custom #01 White/Clear Problems--- Please Advise!

Hello everyone! I'm new to the site but have read a lot of postings in this forum and they have helped a lot. I have always wanted an #01…

Started by EngineerSkinny

4 Apr 21, 2008
Reply by Bohdan

2 wax globs when cold

Hi All, I just joined and bought my first lava lamp few days ago. Its a 17.5" Red Dragon, Mystic Lava Lamp, Red liquid with orange? wax. It…

Started by Broomie

6 Apr 21, 2008
Reply by Broomie

There is some serious funky goings on with the wax in these lamps! Ha!

What's happening or happened to the once glorious goo, now a dried up persimmon? http://cgi.ebay.com/32-Ounce-Lava-Lamps-2_W0QQitemZ1502368

Started by Woodvetch

5 Apr 20, 2008
Reply by Bohdan

Refurbishing old lava lamps

Hi all, long time listener first time caller - I got an old lamp from eBay, it came without any electrics in it at all, it's a bit of a pro…

Started by Gareth

2 Apr 19, 2008
Reply by Gareth


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