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Hey everybody. In the mid 2000's I bought 3 of these little lava lamps that stand 10.5" tall. I wanted to later buy a fourth but nobody seemed to know about them. I think I bought them from a website called simply70s.com. Anybody know anything about these lamps?

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Thanks, Keith for that lineup page. I always though it was pink / pink, but this one supposed to be "Purple / Pink"...but it's always looked like this, never faded. The cap code and box both says 1721 to confirm it along with box pic directly matching that page.

I have a set of them

Lamps that small just cannot flow wellk

Glitter is ok though

END OF THE RAINBOW used to be a Lava Lamp distributor when they were based in Chicago

EOTRB is in Wisconsin

She still sells on eBay

I WILL NOT deal with her

Don't expect a return for defective merchandise without being insulted and abused

Wow, Claude..

locked and loaded.

The  "C"  word comes to mind

denny mcnerney said:

Wow, Claude..

locked and loaded.

Cookie Monster?

wow. that was like 12 replies...I hope she reads it.

you funny

It kept being sent back to me!!!

Talk tomorrow?

yeah sure callmy cell

Claude, I have been trying to find this woman from Sea World...

Claude J said:

The  "C"  word comes to mind

denny mcnerney said:

Wow, Claude..

locked and loaded.

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