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I have my grande on a dimmer, but I was looking for expirment's sake to add some more heat on the top end.  I grabbed some 120W halogens, but it turns out that the bulbs are so large that they don't actually fit into the opening in the base for a bulb, they're too wide. I have looked all over but I can't find a surefire option for a more powerful bulb that would fit in the grande, does anyone have any ideas or links for an option? I'm willing to use heaters instead if that's my only option, it seems with all of the green movement, high power consumption incandescent lamps are becoming less available.


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I tried to find some 120W bulb which fits a few years ago and had no success.
But what helps, is to use a 100W halogen Bulb: http://goolamp.com/en/bulbs/36-100w-halogen-reflector-spot-e27-bulb...

Something you can do too, is to wrap some aluminum Foil formed to a reflector arround the bulb to concentrate the heat.
Some lower the distance between bulb and bottle bottom, but this can result in a cracking bottle, so be carefull with your experiments :-)

The 100 Watt should be more than adequate.

They a different bulb or different dimmer

Too much heat will result in this 

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