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I wanna know which one of us is the auction addict, that just can't stay away from all the deals on ebay, that stays up late at night to do some last minute sniping. If it's not you, nominate someone you've noticed!

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mandy, I'm totally impressed with your knowledge of marx playsets... whatever those are.
...of course people say that kind of thing about me and my lamps...
Well, if you see Plastique-Antique, that's me.
its not mandy that knows them its her boyfreind phil.he knows lots of useless information.........phil
Hello: My name is Doc Lava Roc, and I am a lava lamp addict!......:-)
Everyone say hi to Doc Lava Roc. Welcome to the group, We will assign you a mentor at the end of the meeting, someone who has much knowlege and can help feed your addiction :-)~
There are many knowledgeable addicts I mean mentors on this site. Ooofa!
I am taking pictures of my collection
I will post them tonight
Can't wait to see your pics. I love looking at lava lamp pics. I have been uploading pics like crazy. Every time I fire up the lamps I take a hundred or so pics.

Back to ebay topic. I just added three more lamps to my watch list. One of them, I WILL be winning.....(knock on wood of course ;) )
I bought a clear red Century at a thrift store in Philly in the summer of 99 while visiting cool friends. I thought it to be cool. I think I'm cool! The logic followed. I reluctantly threw it up in the attic when I got home due to wifey's raised eyebrow. Apparently I am the only one who shares in my cool theory! I forgot about it until we moved into our new home that I re-built. My wife dusted it off and placed it in our bedroom (w00t, meow, woof)! I wanted to find a mate for this cool lamp (I collect pairs, this is my disease). Wife-aroni came around to my cool way of thinking and decided this Century to be cool too! I got the green light to find another clear red Century (mistake). I discovered ebay (bigger mistake). Discovered the “goo” (good). Met smart nice people (also good). Discovered a plethora of different lamps (bad)! I spent a shit load of money (way bad) because I have to have 2 of everything vintage (really $%@*&$ bad)! Now, I have 100+ lamps! Please, make me stop! Help me! Please? That’s my story...DOC
I feel for you. When I met my husband 7 yrs ago, I had maybe 10 lamps. I averaged about one every other year. By the time we were married, I too discovered Ebay. Lamp count went to 30 easy. Oh and did I mention that I got a lava lamp for my wedding gift! Poor hubby had to build me a shelf for them all (a 30 foot long shelf in the living room. We moved, lamps went into storage. Finally not quite a year ago I got the itch. This time we built a bookcase, with holes leading into the closet behind it so I could plug everything in. And I have been buying lamps to fill it. Now I am out of room and need to stop very badly. Have turned to trading...for the moment... with the exception of the the only midnight left that I need to complete the rainbow series.(which is on ebay and I will be winning) and the two electriks I need to complete that series. My husband tolerates my addiction well. His eyes glaze over when I start talking about lava lamp specifics. He has been working out of town now for a few months and is likely going to s**t when he sees how many more I have since he left. I think I have around 80 now. Whereas I am happy that I do not have the "two of everything" disease, my issue is the 'must have every posible color combination for every style and version' disease.
Toleration for the opposite sex is a given. It basically evens out the playing field. Call it special dispensation for the fact that you have the ability to create life (no easy ordeal). Or, when we (men) see our lovely brides (mine of 15 years, and I still call her "my bride") walking around the house in her unmentionables, well, everything else seems trivial at best.
You said your husband has been working out of town? This is easy (from a man's perspective)! Give your man good "lovins" when he gets home and he will not give a rat's whisker about your growing collection. Basically, we (men) are simple: Feed us, water us, love us, and were good to go! Ciao Bello
DLR, Thanks for sharing that story - I love hearing how people get addicted and what *poor* choices they made along the way. You should have stopped at 2, since you had a pre-condition of the "pairs" disease.
OK, you ebay freaks - me included - you have to join the new group I made called eBayniacs (pretty clever, I know, I came up with it myself.)


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