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I have been in contact with the kind gentleman Marcus in customer sales via e-mail concerning the Fluidium no longer seen on the USA portion as of last night (just two days ago there was a banner that said the site was down for the USA sales temporarily). he said it should be up and running again, so I checked last night. But I saw there were no more fluidums (yet mostly every country could still order them).

I asked him today, "why is it no longer shown?" He says they are making decisions about product changes for the USA and these updates will be reflected again soon in full on the site.

I am just wondering if that was a kind way of saying, "well we are not gonna have the fluidiums 2 for 1 anymore!" But we shall see in the coming days.

I also asked him if they were going to release Astros or the 'Babys anytime for the USA market online. So we will see what his response is. I will keep anyone who is interested posted.

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yeah...I got an email from him as well i wanted to order the green ones after getting the yellow ones, he said they dont sell the lava lamps in the us because lavaworld holds the rights in the us....so again we are stuck with china lava crap...
wow, I just emailed them of why they don't have any motion lamps on the USA site. I hope they will have them soon. Would like to get some mathmos lamps.
what site is this??
Is the electrical plug the same as our American lamps? I want a Fluidium myself, but was concerned about the plug when ordering from a U.K. dealer. I know when you could order Fluidiums directly from Mathmos sent here, they did come with American style outlet plug.

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