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Everytime I post or when there's some interaction with a recent post I made (when hovering the mouse pointer over it) I get a runntime-error message and the process is aborted (the browser closes).

I access this site from an internet cafe and I imagine that this issue is caused by some settings on their PC, but I have no idea which? Help please?

(they run Windows XP and Internet-Explorer... if that helps...?!?!?)

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It just did it again! As a result of clicking "add reply" after writing a post for the "will fluidums ever return...." thread.
(I see the reply has been posted)


No idea what causes this?

Okay, first post browsing with firefox.

Edit: Haven't been kicked out this time and can also edit the post.
That solves the problem for me! I'll just have to pick a PC that has firefox installed.

Thanks for the help,


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