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I hear lavaworld is coming out with a brown base/brownnish to green lava in cloudy brown to green water with toilet paper bits corn and peanuts right in the lava! I personally cant wait to get my hands on it,Im gonna have a hard time not cracking this baby open and smearing it al over the walls! Isnt this the next logical most economical step for lavaworld? Isnt this what we get anyway everytime we buy their second rate sh*T? thanks again lava world for flushing a beautiful vivid dayglo empire down the toilet......

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i bought a white base black lava 52oz and it was the same thing.....worthless....
im glad you feel my disgust!
haha, that was both funny and a totally disgusting image LOL. I really haven't had a real bad experiance with the china lamps, except for that clear/yellow one w/blue base being cloudy. Ya, I agree that the flow sucks compared to the American made ones. maybe they will stop outsourcing and bring it back to the states (crosses fingers).

i'm not buying!
Well so far I have had great luck with Lava World lamps and the custumer service is the best I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

WOW I just had an incident with a bad lamp and thay called me back right away. Thay told me thay would get out a replacement right away. I had to tell her that I would like to see if it would clear up on its own and dont send the new lamp out now. Thay have called me back to times since then about how it is working. Thay told me that just say the word and thay would send a new Grande out to me. I would try talking to Michelle at LW about your problem.


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