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I was looking through the new photo section and came across this picture posted by Astrobaby:

The lava lamp in the middle of the middle shelf really caught my eye! The lava has a chrome look to it which makes it look like big floating ball bearings are oozing around!

Does anybody have any idea how to make a lamp like this? I was thinking grey wax, but it wouldn't shine nearly enough to give a chrome look...

Any ideas?? Thanks a ton!

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Thats a really nice one. Of course lava world doesnt make anything like that. If you want to get really creative, you could get one of the knock off motion lamps, they come in metallic(have seen them on ebay) and empty it into a lava world lamp, or not.
Here is not the greatest picture of my green metallic astro
I saved a picture of a green glitterball that sold in the us (i think) on ebay. I really wanted that but didnt have the money.
I have a metalic green astro I am willing to sell! Make me offer I can't refuse! leave a note on my pg. here!
I remember being pleased when I saw this picture on your history site because it finally resolved a long standing debate between Weebo and myself. I was convinced there was a metallic purple BABY Astro and he kept finding me Astros to the point we decided I must have hallucinated! ; )

Do have to say though (cue more people thinking I hallucinate colour combos) there was a gold Glitterball. I saw it in 99/00, weird colour, potentially more like bronze but too green. I've always liked silver and not been into gold so, since frankly the gold's flow was rubbish, I passed at the time. Given that that was exactly the same time as I passed on the metallic purple Astro Baby I was clearly on fire for not spotting what would later be rare!

Before I forget, I've been wanting to get the A3 version of that catalogue off your site for a while, but it throws up a 404.
I've wittered on to Astrobaby before about Glitterballs, but I'll bore the rest of you now as well! ; ) The flow on Glitterballs is the worst Mathmos made in my opinion, and I suspect why they weren't sold for long. Get a good one and they're great to watch, but you do have to be lucky. A good silver one is great, takes longer to get going than you're used to and you'll be going "But it's grey!" then suddenly all the bits will have dispersed evenly and then molten metal. FAB.

You're damn straight about the clouding, some are truly awful and most are blurry (best way I can describe it) when off then fine when on. It's just the solution used, too viscose.

Tempting though the ones from Switzerland might be, comfort yourself with the knowledge that they'd never make it in one piece. Glitterball really don't do travel well.
'baby, i have a glitterball, it looks cloudy when off, but clear when on too. is it supposed to be like this?
i would love to get some of these glitterball astrobaby's. do you have a picture of the green metallic astro?
If you want to see a real one, got to eBay and check out the seller: DancinBearNY

They have a silver Glitter Ball up for auction. It's new old stock. I have one of these myself. They're very cool.

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