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I haven't posted this bad-boy on e-bay yet. I couldn't get the top cap off but if I looked up it at an angle I could read the tag with the model # on it. No tarnish, green felt intact on the bottom. Works! Only flaw is the oritional owner had one of those "warm fuzzy" stuck on the top and you can see the residue of the sticker on the top of the cap. I have not tried to get this off. Offers?

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I dont think you will have a problem selling this great looking lamp.

I know! I just love it. Blood red wax almost goth like. I've just got way too many lamps that just sit in the basement all lonely. I know someone else will appreciate this for what it's worth. Thanks for hte vote of confidense. This site is awesome!
add me as friend so i can send you a message.
If you have other lamps to sell, you might mention them here too! A very nice Aristocrat, 1120 series, specifically the 1122, red "lava" in yellow liquid. Likely an 80s or 90s model, and in great shape!
I'll double check when I get home, but I thought the tag under the cap said 1120. Is that a big differance? Why couldn't I get the cap off? Is that normal? I brought it upstairs last night and had it going while we were watching that HORRIBLE Packers/Giants game. A big part of me wants to keep it....another part likes to be able to afford to buy groceries. We'll see which wins. I may just aquire a taste for Raman noodles. I was under the impression this was an older model than '80 or '90s. From what I saw, the later models had a black plastic ring around the bottom of the base. This has green felt with a brown power cord. Although I do remember the 'warm fuzzies' from the '80's. When/IF I do post on e-bay, I don't want to mis-represent, I appreciate the input from you experts! Unless '80's is considered Vintage these days. Gawd I hope not....
Found born on date of Sept 1975 under the cap on a seperate tag.

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