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Ok, so I went ahead and bought a grande. Was the last one that Spencer's had and I couldn't pass a Grande up for only $60.00 bucks. Well, it has been 2 hours now and it is barely doing anything and it is foggy to the point that I can barely see my hand on the other side of it. Does this color combo clear up or should I just go ahead and take it back?

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There is a similar thread already started on here somewhere. I purchased the same one five days ago, and mine was cloudy. I could just barely see my fingers through it, but I could. I have been running every day for ten hours, and last night it was definately clearer. The Lava flows great, I really like it. I'll update as it improves.
oh, sorry. I didn't realize. I know there was one but I thought it was for the purple/pink or something like that. The flow just started to kick up and I am amazed that it is flowing like it is. but if the globs are in the middle to far end, they go from fuzzy to really fuzzy looking. How much clearer did yours get? I guess I will give it a week and if there are no signs of improvement I will send it back. This is the second lamp that I got from them and was cloudy but not their fault. This must have been from an earlier batch cause he said that they don't go all that fast because they don't have them on display. you have a pick of yours in the state it is now?
You have a 90 day warranty. Work with it for awhile and see what happens. My profile pic was cloudy when I first got it, but it cleared in about three months. It takes several warmups for any new lamp before the goo is right anyway, so just give it some time. At first, I could just barely see my fingers through it. Now, I can see my fingers with some definition. The Grande I purchased was the only one they had, and they did not know they had it until I asked for one. It was hiding on a top shelf behind some other stuff. I have noticed that it takes a while before the goo is flowing, but that is improving also. Just hang in there. :)
will try. you are giving me some hope for it. Still bothers me though because I have a 32 ounce that came to me cloudy and is taking forever and it is made in china. my american lamps cleared up within days from doing the hot bath method. the china lamp didn't take to well with that method. oh, looked on reciept and only have 30 days to return it through spencer's. maybe it is 90 days with lava world.
The Lava World warranty states: "Within the 90 day warranty period, if for any reason, other than a burned out light bulb or misuse, your motion lamp does not function properly, then return it to the retailer." Just have management at Spencer's read the warranty sheet. It should be no problem. :)
They didn't have anymore there so I guess I will just take it back cause I don't want to wait untill it is out of spencer's warrenty, then I would be in trouble. Not only is it cloudy, but this thing has wax stuck all to the side of it and is not showing any signs of the cloudyness or the little balls of wax on the sides getting any better. maybe i will call take it back in tomarrow morning. Next time I am going to make them open it up and pull out the globe. screw this.
sent it back this morning. i don't know when i will get a new one. dude would only let me get a gift card. this sucks. so i am bound to retry for another one like that one. i told him that next time i want to open the box before purchasing.
Man, this sucks lol I went into spencer's to ask when I would be getting another grande because I sent mine back in because of it being cloudy. The chick goes "oh, you are the one that gave us back the cloudy one? We kept it" she pointed up to were it was and they had it going and the thing had cleared by half in just a little over a week! The manager came over and said that he kept it on everyday for 12hrs. a day and it is clearing up fine. he said he isn't getting any in on the next tuesday but should be getting some in the fallowing tuesday. this is a Homer's "doh" momment for me. oh well, the next lamp better be crystal clear for the wait.
I hope they are better but the manager said there were like 500 in the warehouse so I am guessing that it is still old stock or they were just stock pileing the new ones untill they had enough. I just hope that it is clear. I told him I still want to look at it before I buy it. I'm tired of getting clouding lamps. I thought my buying was done with the china lamps but they had a sale on the pimp resin lamp so I decided to buy it lol. It flows pretty good. my only real complaint is that is says pimp on in. I think it would have been nice with some type of celtic knot work on it.
I have a grande I bought today. Same colors as OP. My first reaction was this is WAY bigger than I thought it would be. (Imagine a colloassas XD)
Anywho it's been on for around 4 hours and the wax is finally starting to pool in the bottom (it already did the shoot up to the top thing.) It's not perfectly clear but definitely satisfactory and I'm assuming after several weeks it will clear up more. I'll will be sure to update on the progress.
For the record I bought the second to last one at spencers as well :-p The girl had quite the trouble getting it off the top shelf XD)
My only complaint is that the fluid level is roughly 1/2 inch lower than the bottom of the hat. Also the hat does not sit evenly on top like my 52oz. But for 250oz for 60 bucks I suppose it's within expected tolerances.
Funny side note: I thought these were called grenades until the moment I read the box XD. I feel like a doofus. :-p
lol "grenades" ya, they are the bomb all right :)

got my replacement (purple/yellow) a little while ago from spencer's because the other one was just way too cloudy. The replacement was a tad cloudy but has cleared up and enjoy the endless flow! I am glad that this one doesn't over heat like my blue/yellow grande because I don't have to turn it down and it will litterally go like the energizer bunny :)

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