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I got a couple of lamps and had them shipped across country and they just don't seem to work right. I think on one of them the wax just flows up and down the side of the glass. There is a wax trail on the glass and it just flows on it not in a bubble. Is the next step to remove the lid, empty the liquid and wax , clean and reinstall??

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when wax flows up and down on the side of the glass it usually means that the wax went bad. You can try to gut it and clean it and see if it helps. I tried with a knock-off that did that and it still did the same thing. Is really up to you on that but I would at least try to fix it before tossing. If you really like the lamp and all else fails, you can fill it with lava brand stuff or you can try your hand in making your own lava brew.

All the base says is Art Lamp , bad news made in China

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