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Look at that custom job! Pretty neat, no?
Says he used commercial goo and liquid.


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That's GROOVY!
That's awesome! Very original!
I dare someone to make one look like a grear shifter LOL and have an 8 ball as the cap!
All this makes me want to try and transfer liquid and goo into a fish bowl to see how that turns out. how in the world would i seal it?
Now that was an interesting leason. I will propably have this done in a month because I have nothing right now lol I have to go out and find a round fish bowl (not the drum style) and all the componants I need. I will probably be making the inards from a chinese 52oz. and change the liquid color to make it aquatic looking. I was thinking about carving out aluminum fish but I don't know how well that would float around in there with the goo. what do you think? never mind lol maybe i will put a aquatic background around half of it like a decal.
haha that is great!
WOW That is very very cool.


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