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I want to shoot light through a lava lamp to light a scene for a film project. what do I need to know?

hey oozin..

i've got a question for you guys. I'm pointing a hot light at a lava lamp at pretty close range. I know that sucker is gonna pop if it gets too hot - but how far can I push?

I'm already doing a couple things to reduce the amount of heat going through the lava lamp - the light is positioned underneath the lava lamp, and is bouncing off a close wall up through the lamp. it's also passing through silk diffusion and a single flag (effectively reducing light by 50%), leaving the scene overall fairly dark.

with that kind of mechanism in place, would it be SAFE? shooting light through that lava lamp? I would of course take precautions of not turning the light on until necessary, but it does need to have a major presence in the scene.

I can't afford to have a meltdown or worse yet an Explosion. i heard about those Darwin awards, you kno..

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we just shot, it worked out fine. thanks!
Try using mirrors to reflect the light

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