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White Fluidium, Glitter Ball, Crestworth Galaxy, Gemlites, Harley Icon, etc.

Are all on eBay at this very moment. Some still new in the box. Check out the seller: DancinBearNY
Lots of cool stuff.

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I just saw those. The Gem Lites said new old stock. Is this from the sellers collection, or did they find them in storage someplace? Let the bidding begin. Looks like the next 9 days could be interesting!
Well the white fluidium is over $400 and the Glitter Ball is at $200. Curious to see how high they go.
two hundred is my limit on the glitterball, i think.....:)..... we will see as it gets close to closing time, it sure would look nice next to my green metallic astro. Course I have a lime astrobaby that i bought a year ago, that i have yet to fire up, need to get the plug changed over. those uk plugs are so monstrous! hmmm, maybe I will sell my astrobaby and put that money towards the glitterball. how much would a lime astrobaby go for?
I won one of the GemLite Glitter lamps. I'm pleased with the price as I thought they would go for more. Good luck to those bidding on the Mathmos lamps. I'm sure they are great, but I can' t afford them at this time of year.

I'm at a loss for words. Wait a minute, no I'm not: "$676 for a White Fluidium? What the F#@K was the buyer thinking?!"

I paid $110 for mine.......

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