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Just got my wife a Grande from Lava World. It's the yellow/blue combo.
It arrived by Fedex & since it's really cold out I let it sit to get it to room temp.

Next day plugged it in & it worked great ! However, that's the last time it worked that way. Now what happens is after about 2 hours it starts to run well then becomes one
big blob on the bottom. Sometimes it's 4 or 5 big blobs. It will send off a little lava to the top sometimes but for the most part sits there at the bottom.

This is our first lava lamp so I figured I'd ask the experts (meaning you folks) here.



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hmmm, i have the same one. when i start it up it goes up pretty fast, like with 45mins. then all falls down in blobs and does the same thing again. so by the hour and a half mark it starts shooting little blobs from the big blobs at the bottom and then it isn't full flowing for about 3 hours. then when it starts to show signs of overheating about 3 hrs after that, i dim it down with a dimmer and runs smooth as long as the room temp dosen't change. oh, i would also check the bulb and make sure it is 100w because i have heard of them putting the glitter 60w in them on accident.
I do have a dimmer coming...went to the store the other day to find someone
bought all the dimmers they had....so it's on order. I'll wait to see if this helps before returning the lamp.
Thanks for the quick replys !

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