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Here's one for the folks across the pond.

Is it possible to take a globe from a Jet, replace the cap with a copper cap from an earlier Crestworth wall sconce or Nordic, and install the newer globe in the older Crestworth lamp? Are the older globes and newer globes the same size?

I ask because I have a couple of older Crestworth Nordic type lamps that I'd like to restore. Rather than trying to restore the old globes, I figured it would be easier to simply swap caps and put the newer globes in the older lamps.

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Gave her a major strip down and cleaning yesterday. Checked out the wiring too.

I ordered some replacement bulbs from the UK today (the old bulbs were all burned out). The two accent lamps are 15 watt B15 bayonet types. I ordered some 25 watt and 40 watt globe bulbs (also B15 bayonet base) for the main socket. I'll see which one works best with lava.

The carpenters at work are fashoning me a board so I can mount the lamp to the wall and run a cord out the back of the board. The board matches the wood that's used on the cupboards and bookshelves in my house. I was going to hard wire the lamp into the wall, but that meant I would have to change the sockets to accept North American bulbs. I want to keep this lamp as original as possible, so 240 volt bulbs it is then. I'll hook it to my converter whenever I run it.

I'll post a video when she's together.

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