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I have a Consort globe that I would like to take the cap off and put it on my Capri globe. How would I go about doing this? I know these caps are very fragiler so I would appreciate any tips to help me do this. I want to take the cap off the Consort and put it on the Capri. I need to paint it gold first, but how would I go about taking the cap off the Consort. I don't want to bust it taking it off. Next, how do I go about putting it on the Capri globe? How does it seal so it doesn't leak or evaporate? And also how tight do I tighten it? I know not very tight, but I also want it to seal. I would really appreciate some feedback on this. The reason I want to take the cap off the Consort is it doesn't really flow well and the Capri globe is almost 100% mint, amber liquid blood red lava and I want to keep this as original as possible. The Consort really doesn't matter as it can be for parts. I do have the cap from the Capri, but the threads are busted and I doubt it can be fixed. I'll post some pics when the Capri arrives. I don't have it yet, but I want to get some feedback before I start tinkering. Thanks in advance, Dave

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Just unscrew them off the globes. If they feel tight, hold the cap under hot tap water for a minute. They should come off, no problem.

Many Consort globe seals have deteriorated over time. I found the best solution is to take the high density foam seal out of a liquor bottle, and cut it to fit in the Consort cap. Toss out the old seal and install the new one. Screw the cap on until it simply snugs down nicely. Don't use tin foil as a seal, as it will rot rapidly.

Yes, Consort caps will break if you over tighten them.

Also, be careful when painting the cap. It's made of plastic, and some paints might damage it. Test paint the old cap first before painting the good cap.

Hope that helps.

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