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hi guys
i was wondering if anyone could shed some light (no pun intended) on this lamp i have come across. it is a astro shape and the base is a crome finish not the brushed aluminum that are the standard now, on the base it has crestworth trading ltd, and a date of 9/1/91 on it with patent no 1034255, the globe is something i have never seen before it has a bakalite screw top and the contents are a light blue fluid with a wax that seems to change color when in a cold state its a blue wax but when running the wax at the base glows with a redish tinge and as the lava rises it seems to slowley turn blue again, also it has a fine glitter and what i can only describe as angel hair in the fluids mixture, never seen anything like this before, so any info would be great, i have put a few pics in that might help, thank you in anticipation

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a few more
and again
It's a nice lamp you got there Krissy.
I've got one of those, too (yellow/green). I remember when I got it, someone on the old forum told me that the "glitter" and "angel hair" particles you refer to, are a sort of crystals forming from an ingredient in the liquid phase.

I tried cleaning the lamp by filtering the water, but a few month later those particles re-appeared, it seems as if at first a thin layer builds on the inside of the glass and then breaks off....

It will probably never be perfectly clear, but it will find its own balance!
It's a special flair of those lamps and I grew to liking it now.

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