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This is a glitter lamp inside of a Ramune Bottle, one of my best ever, its really pretty, here's the ebay link:


this is a CUSTOM LAMP, i made it myself, none other like it in the world =^-^=

I mean its really stunning, give it a look =]

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Well this isnt a beer bottle or anything like that, its a "Ramune" bottle, its a japanese novelty drink that has a glass marble as a cap instead of a bottle cap. Iv done my research and have tested them, they can take extreme pressures. I have also treated the lid with silicon sealant, its heat and pressure proof. The base is secure and holds the bottle really well, its machined to fit. And the label has been appropriately trimmed and will never melt, its left on for the novelty of it, its a big symbol for anime fans and ppl that love the culture of japan. The fact that its see through makes a beautiful effect with the glitter. Iv also done my math on calculating what wattage i wanted for what heat.
This is not remotely my first attempt at making these, I test them myself for months before i would sell one.
Im not a noob at this, alot of work and safety precautions were taken.

dont throw all of us that thought it would be fun to make a random bottle into a lamp into the same group =P
Kandikid, Coolsox was saying that because *lots* of people sell "custom" lamps on eBay, and they're always nothing more than lava in a random beer or pop bottle, precariously balanced in a store-bought base.

Yours appears to be a cut above, with a custom base as well. Could we see a photo of the lamp in brighter light, to get a better look at your base design? And what wattage of bulb do you use? The Ramune bottles are quite thick - thicker than most American bottles. I broke one once to get the marble out and it took a lot of work.
How cute! :D
Wish i'd buy it for you!
sorry, i was out for the weekend, i have a pic of the base on the ebay page =]
ended up ending the auction, had a private buyer call me up and make a REALLY nice offer, when i do my next one, which should be soonish, ill also list it here =^-^=

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