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So I knocked over my lamp and the water got cloudy. I dumped it out and replaced it with a salt water & soap solution - only thing is I used table salt as opposed to canning or epsom salt. I ran it with no cap to determine the salt concentration, and eventually it reached the top while I wasn't watching and now the lava is FULL of bubbles. I saw one person's guess that running w/o a seal will cause the bubbles.

I searched and found a thread on it here, saying to cycle on and off, which I've been doing for a week with a cork in the top. I can see lots of bubbles popping, but it really doesn't seem like there are many less. Does it take longer? Is my solution causing it? Maybe my cork isn't fully sealing because it has some fairly big pits in it?

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You may have put too much soap in the liquid. That might be making the wax bubble.

Dump the liquid. Refill the globe with distilled water. Balance the liquid using sea salt (table salt has sugar in it), and one or two drops of dishsoap.

Dissolve the salt in water before adding it to the globe. Add the dissolve solution to the running globe in small amounts until the lamp flows properly. If you add salt directly to the globe it'll settle out under the wax.

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