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Why are the prices so disparate on these lamps on eBay?

Here is a "vintage" one that sold for $42, but no year listed in the auction:
Doesn't necessarily look vintage to me, with my limited knowledge...

Here is one that looks the same, but not listed as "vintage" that sold for $2.77!

And a "classic" lava lamp that sold for $28:

Is there something I don't know going on here? Just curious, since I'm avidly shopping eBay lately...

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Depending on the color and clarity I've spent as little as .99 and as much as $30.00, + shipping on ebay.
I'm collecting midnight rainbows, clear liquid colored wax, black base/cap.
For now I bid according to liquid clarity, color, flow, need and desire. I want all the shades of all the colors and want all crystal clear with good flow so I generally ask questions and more pics . So far I have 14, with 12 perfect, but all are gorgeous lamps.
... and just bought a lamp and a spare base/cap, for the lime green bottle I just nabbed on ebay, from a fella from this website.

Hi Middy.

Most sellers, and many buyers, on e-Bay haven't a clue about lava lamps. Most of the lamps listed as "vintage" aren't vintage at all. Here's a good example:


As for prices- they're all over the place. I've seen Carlisles go for anywhere from $10 to $200! Centurys from $20 to over $200.

Most of the folks that bid too high are new to collecting. In my early days of collecting I spent too much on some lamps.

Be patient when shopping on e-Bay. It's taken me 9 years to get my grubby paws on a few of the rarer lamps. But, the wait was worth it.

Here's a good example of an overpriced "classic/rare/vintage" lamp:
LAVA / Haggerty Enterprises ----- AN ABSOLUTE MUST SEE

BUY IT NOW price: US $249.00

I realize it is retired and somewhat rare but COME ON??? 250 smackers - I'd much rather put that to a really "RARE" vintage lamp - the old lamps are better anyway......
Ah. The teal is a really cool color. I actually picked up a clear/cranberry when I got my first lamp because I thought it was red, and I took it back to exchange for yellow. They had no red. Doh! If only we could see the future. Is red/clear really popular?

So do you think these lamps have the USA globes? $45 for a red&silver 32oz is a little rich for my blood.

When did they switch over to China? No wonder the prices recently dropped...
I got one on ebay a few months back for under $5.00 in pristine condition.
I've got a teal 32z globe and it has become is one of my top 5 favorite color lamps - plus it helps that it has killer flow!

For what it's worth: As far as collecting versus value ($$$) in my humble opinion if you like something and the quality is high I am willing to pay top $ for it. As always I feel you get what you pay for. Having said that if you are proficient at ebay you can tell a lot from the photos. A picture is worth $10,000 in words - at least I am proficient at judging as some of my hobbies only allow one to acquire via the ebay route - ie, vintage equipment.....
I bought the $28 red/clear in the question post. What I knew that other bidders didn't, the wax is orange. I asked questions and got better pics.
Just got it today it's flowing real nice and it's orange/clear.

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