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i picked one of these up on ebay a few weeks ago, it's very cloudy and isn't showing much sign of settling down. blue/clear with the moon and stars on the top.

somehow i'm getting the feeling it's time i learnt to filter these things. mostly i wanted to check that the liquid in the trident is the usual water/sea salt mix and not anything nasty.

also, where do you get filter papers from these days? i'm sure i remember buying them from boots back when i had a winemaking phase many moons ago? i'm guessing regular filter paper is the best bet? i'd have thought it would give a nice clear result without absorbing too much (or much at all) liquid?

or is there a better/easier way to do it.

i also have a green/clear lamp i want to do. no make on it but according to the base, made in china for asda... can i do this one the same way?

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lol mountain safety for lava lamps.

i may experiment with a more low tech approach later today, if i feel motivated... filter might be a good idea for future reference though...
ok, i've just had a look at both the lamps and i'm having 2x top trouble.

the tops on them don;t appear to be a screw cap... looks like it's some sort of machine sealed type thing... the top is sort of sealed by being bent inwards around the edge, is there a way to get these off so that they'll go back on again?

it's more the getting back on i'm worried about. easy enough to prize off one way or another, but unsafe if i can't get it back to a seal... or is it ok to substitute a different top if i need to?
cheers for that. i was going to try filtering with a square of silk scarf, it's very fine so shouldn't soak up much at all.

top situation is the thing for now though... will look at this if i get time through the week...

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