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Some guy is selling a pale pink/clear astro that he claims is a one off custom colour that mathmos made:


i've also seen a couple of others like this, possibly from the same seller.

did mathmos really make some one offs like this, or were they just limited editions? or is it just some dude who's mixed wax from different lamps to try and rack the price up?

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Hey hey hey! I am part German and I have ethics! Very strong ethics. :D

I understand though. I think Tom needs to revamp his ways or he is not going to have a good life :(
Yeah, that was a bit mean of me. I have to say that the best and worst ebayers i've come across have both been german :D
Yeah, you MEANY! j/k :)
Is it just me, or does this white/opal fluidium appear to be distinctively, um, not white?

it certainly looks yellow. Can you get yellow bulbs for fluidiums?
or maybe the seller is doing that "post any pic of a fluidium thing"

I would ask the seller.

Your idea about having a thread for notifying others about good and bad lava lamp sellers on E-bay is a good one.

I like my lamps, but am not that educated.

I would consider buying a re-fill if it was interesting and pretty, but I don't want to fall into the trap of getting something I think is genuine.

This thread has been most informative, thanks to all who named and shamed.
since i haven't been seriously collecting for too long, i am very grateful for this thread. the pink/clear lamp is beautiful and i will bid on refills if i like them and i KNOW they are refills. i just want to deal with honest ppl and obtain beautiful lamps. that's why right now i'm just obtaining lamps i can pick up off a shelf. that way i'm not spending large amounts of money on something that may or may not be an original. so thank you again purity for this eye opening chat!
good point, it's a shame cos I think alot of collectors would be happy to have re-fills etc.. as long as they were told thats what they were.

maybe those not entirely 'in the know' (ie, me) need to ask more questions of sellers.

if sellers are happy to mislead people, they should be able to defend themselves without being nasty!
jenparkercoe seems like a really good ebayer... i've had a few bits off of him that have been exactly what i bid on! :D

looks like some poor smuck is prob. going to cop for it with this one:


i figured it's almost certainly a refill straight away but wouldn't have minded if it was going for just a little bit more than usual... they usually go for around a tenner, but this is at £23.65 with a day to go :(
I like the 'Hunter' style lamps. They had a few design variations themselves. I don't think i've seen this 'Hunter' design combination of base and cap before. Looks good with this colour combo.
just as a matter of interest, i left my clear fluid red wax astro on my window sill and over the space of aq year or so the wax has somewhat fadded and is more pink than red, so if u want a pink one, just put your red one in sunlight for a bit, it worked for me , even tho i didnt want a pink one lol
regards krissy
I ordered 2 red and 2 blue fluidiums from Tom in Germany. I told him i needed to send him more money for EMS but he doesn't return my mails. he made off with lots of my cash


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