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Some guy is selling a pale pink/clear astro that he claims is a one off custom colour that mathmos made:


i've also seen a couple of others like this, possibly from the same seller.

did mathmos really make some one offs like this, or were they just limited editions? or is it just some dude who's mixed wax from different lamps to try and rack the price up?

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I would just like to say to all the guys on here who seem to be taken in by these refills and prototypes from various sellers, including "TOM" from germany, that this is an extract from an email i received from "TOM" a few days ago after i barred him from bidding on my auctions with 2 of his 3 ebay accounts (mathmosfan26 and thomasw1958), and he proceeded to set up another one in order to bid on my item. I had told him previously I was not going to sell him any of my items as he was refilling bottles and selling them as genuine Mathmos product, an accusation which he confirmed in the following email! A practice which i totally object to-I have nothing against buying a refill as long as i know in advance and am not being ripped off by sellers like Tom and Ultraviolet_infrared, who sold me 5L of washing up liquid which went cloudy after a week. i think this email proves that "TOM" is in no position to quantify or doubt the authenticity of anybody's bottles, as he clearly agrees with the practice of refilling Mathmos bottles with cheap tat and palming them off as the real thing!

Anyway here's the email with a few words edited as i didn't think the language was appropriate for this site. This is just a warning to all you genuine traders and collectors who seem to be falling for this guy's stuff !! Blue fluidiums, Red fluidiums, what next??

From: Tom Wi************ [mailto:mathmosfan@**********.com]
Sent: 24 April 2008 21:19
To: Tony ********
Subject: Re:

lol btw, refill the bottles is not banned you stupid gaylord some guys from f***ing england make the same you stupid motherf***erass**le :D

and my account will not closed you stupid gay , you will see it... muahahah

and a other guy will sell the sputnik in the future so i dont need you f***ing sputnik for this price a**hole ;D

On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 10:13 PM, Tony ********** wrote:

That's right!

Charming language from a genuine collector-...
According to marcus, German sales rep at mathmos UK, they NEVER made a clear/pink astro-so make of that what you will.
Should people wish to find out the kind of "genuine" and "honest" trader you are they need only look at your feedback and foul language! This is one of many similar emails i got from you after i would not sell you my sputnik. You seemed to think it was because i would not sell for "this less money" although i sold it to a REPUTABLE buyer for less money than you offered. Also I was not prepared to sell it off ebay to you as you requested.
Go ahead fooling people with your flock jets and rainbow coloured fluidiums, none of which, according to the Operations Director of Mathmos are genuine! Good Luck! You'll need it!

We are collectors. We want to know what we're buying. If I collect baseball cards, does it matter if that rare Mickey Mantle card you're selling is a reprint you made? Please, do us collectors a favor: if it's really a Mathmos one-off, we do want it. If it's your own special refill, we may still want it. What we don't want is a refill passed off as a rare one-off. Refill lava and glitter can be interesting, but please don't lie.

If other sellers refill and claim these as 100% original, we much appreciate the tip. But please, don't do this yourself - if you're selling a refill, state in your auction that it's a refil. If you've modified or altered the base yourself or done a "custom job", say so.

And if someone has, for any reason, decided they do not want to sell to you... Why try your best to work around that? They won't sell to you. Someone else will, and the same item will eventually come up. Relax.

We're collectors, and we want to be certain that we have the facts before bidding. If you KNOW the facts and you state them clearly, we'll respect you more for that.
it's a bit shit when you're looking at an auction and the image's aren't actually of the item you'e buying :(
No we can't, but all the same us honest traders lose out by idiots like him opening new accounts and bidding on stuff I had previously barred him from bidding on, and now lose £20 or so to ebay in final value and listing fees as he disputes my dispute!
I figured those fludiums were a german only globes...
They're not a "German" only globe-they are a "Tom" only globe! :o)
It might interest you guys to know that this seller is listing using an image from oozinggoo... in fact the twonk hasn't even bothered to edit out the credit :~

Yeh, like the Century he's selling too with the oozinggoo logo! twat!
Might also interest you guys to have a look at Tom's 3rd ebay account, wtfineeditnow, and see the nice peace motion lava lamp he just bought, probably to make another classy refill for some poor unsuspecting buyer and try and palm it off as a glitterball!
He accepts Paypal now


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