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Everyone kept talking about mathmos so I decided to go look. They are only available in the UK and not the USA. How come?

Couple of questions - I never heard of them until I found this site. I always thought Lava International was the creator. Is mathmos a distributor or a new company all together? Confused.. :\

Lastly, is the mathmos clear/white large globe the same size as the 52oz here? Where would one pick it up here in the states?


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Hi Kris, Mathmos do not ship to the USA. It is probably down to the high shipping costs to send a lamp all the way to the USA. They are by far the best Lava Lamp producers in my opinion. Mathmos was originaly called the Crestworth Trading Company back in the 1960's and they were the original inventors of the lava lamp. They went on to sell the rights to a company in the USA. The only way you can get hold of a Mathmos Lamp in the USA is to find an E-bay seller in the UK that is prepared to ship to the USA like myself. I have a number of lamps for sale at the moment and I will be happy to ship to the USA.
Sounds interested. I did read on wiki (not sure how accurate it is), that Mathmos was the ORIGINAL company that made them then sold it off to the states. Or something to that extent.

Lavaman-UK - I am looking for the BIG clear/white mathmos lava lamp. Any way to get one here? If so, what would the cost be? Is there a private messaging system here? Not familiar with the layout - mostly familiar with vBulletin boards.

Thanks Lavaman!

Thanks very much! I checked out electric planet and I am willing to put an order in - this will be my most expensive lava lamp ever! It's showing up as ...

Shipping £34.99
Total £79.98

Thats about $160.00 USD. Shocked, but not too shocked. Our dollar is poor and shipping is costly.

So my question is before I bite the bullet on this - can anyone get it to me cheaper? Just wondering!

Thanks a bunch guys!

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