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Not sure how to describe it as there are different descriptions. What happens on my lamp is, when it gets going - some spheres rise up as normal, however one sphere rises up but it never really "breaks loose" from the column. So what happens now is a path has been created for the warm lava to flow up without ever making spheres.

So, my lamp reverses itself. All the lava flows up and once all the lava has flowed up, it starts to revers back down. During this time it resembles a tornado, an umbilical cord/embryo and so on.

What's going on? It did not do this the first day I had it. Then again, it has only been on a few hours now. Still, it keeps making the column and some spheres.

Normal? Just need to break in? Btw, this is a Grande.

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Thanks for the info. I will give it a try. For some reason last night it did not do it nearly as bad. It might be working itself out? Who knows.
Yes. I got it a few days ago. Also, I had the window open that day for a long time. It did get pretty cold inside (the way I like it). Maybe that had something to do with it? Sometimes it dips to 65 inside with the window open on cold nights.

I will give it some time to work itself out.
Purple/Yellow. That's the only one they had. I had no plans on getting it when I went there, but when I saw it - I had to have it :) Especially for $60
Nice. I have never been a fan of the blue/yellow combo. Seems like everything has that combo now.
I love my purple/yellow best of all too and have decided I must have a Grande in those colors for my office. Love the yellow/red too. I'm with you Kris, I don't care for the blue/green either.

Welcome! I joined just a month ago and have been thrilled with this site and the members.

Thanks for the welcome. Yes, this site is great. Lots of good info and when I found it, I got this sudden urge to just start buying lava lamps. Lol. Sometimes I am a bit too spendy.

My goal right now is to get some midnights purchased. I am watching a couple on eBay. Not sure how well it will turn out but I have to start somewhere. I love the clear/colored lamps so much. I really do. I also want to pickup the electrics.

I'm still in heavy duty buying mode on the midnight clears and am an ebay sniper so you would not know I'm in the auction until the last 2 seconds. I've been buying at least one, (usually more it becomes lava madness), lamp a week for the last several months and will be glad to share info on what I've learned hunting the clear midnights in the current market and give you a few tips you may not have thought of.

I'm also glad to work with you rather than against you on ebay so we can both win auctions and get lamps without running up the prices.

Go to my profile and shoot me an email if you're interested and we'll chat.


pee ess
I'm making The Wall o Moving Color with the midnights in black bookcases on a dedicated wall...yeah.
I sent you a message. It's hard to navigate this forum setup. Familiar only with vBulletin style. Anyways, get back with me please :)
I have decided that when I do get my Grande, it will be in Purple/Yellow, so for now I will resist buying any 52oz in that color.
Thank you comma but I won't be Grande shopping for at least a month. If you don't find one during that time on ebay let's be in touch so if one comes up this summer while we're both shopping we can share our max bid with each other and defer to which ever of us is willing to pay more so the auction won't go up with the other's bids.

I'll also be glad to let you know when I see one while I'm not in the market and when I am.
I'm all about working together so we both get what we want without bidding against each other.

Let me know if that works for you.

yes, i have the exact same problem!!, did the 'bulb extenter' work for you Kris?
im not even sure what that is exactly, but ill look for it
I have not run any lamps in many months. Been busy with things and lost my job, found one, lost one, found one, now I am job hunting again.

I am not sure what a bulb extender is either? I know my 52oz started acting up. It no longer "flows". It just heats up and sits at the bottom of the light. I guess it's too hot? How this has changed over the life of the bulb is beyond me.

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