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Not sure how to describe it as there are different descriptions. What happens on my lamp is, when it gets going - some spheres rise up as normal, however one sphere rises up but it never really "breaks loose" from the column. So what happens now is a path has been created for the warm lava to flow up without ever making spheres.

So, my lamp reverses itself. All the lava flows up and once all the lava has flowed up, it starts to revers back down. During this time it resembles a tornado, an umbilical cord/embryo and so on.

What's going on? It did not do this the first day I had it. Then again, it has only been on a few hours now. Still, it keeps making the column and some spheres.

Normal? Just need to break in? Btw, this is a Grande.

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Don't have a bulb extender. What is it?
Hmm, nifty little device. Where do they sell them? I don't think I have run my grande since making this thread. Lol. Been sitting there for months.
Cool. I will check it out. Much appreciated! :D

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