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I got given a lava lamp from a friend who had 2 and was not using either of them.
got it home and turned it on and left it on for a couple hours not much happened noticed some lava stuck to the side of the glass and being a lava lamp noob shock the lava lamp to get it off. now i have lava at the bottom, top, on the side, the water is cloudy. and the stuff at the bottom looks like it has bubbles in it.

i have attached some pictures of what it looks like now. if anyone would like to help I would be very greatful. I dont know much about lava lamps and would not like to open it unless necessary. and if i do need to open it is it possible to change the color of the lava.

thanks for all your help. and after seeing the site i really want to get into all this.


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Run it for a bit then turn it off. Let it cool. Then repeat. Keep running it through it's paces. It should work itself out and it will take some time. So, be patient. Never shake a LL. Bad things happen :)

If it does not clear up, it just might be a bad globe.
Your lamp reminds me of this lamp that my mom got a month or two ago. It is a red wax/ yellow water piece of chinese junk that just doesn't operate correctly. It comes with a 30W odd-sized lamp socket (120V - 14E, type "S"?) that the people from Lowe's have never seen or heard of. The solid chunk of wax floats to the top during warm up, then melts, and still just sits at the top. At first, I thought it was just running too hot, but the wax starts to float before it even melts completely, so obviously, there is something wrong with the formula. I got mad and shook it violently (the wax was all in the top, yet the lamp was plenty cool enough to hold in my bare hands). It turned into a sort-of foam that filled the top half, so I set it on the table to harden that way. Chinese Junk!

I am getting my mom a nice Starship 2 Blue liquid/ White wax for Mother's day, to replace this "Chinese Junk" lamp of unknown origin.

BTW, that print in the background of photo 3 is Michael Godard's "Lava Lounge"

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