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I can't find the post but someone wanted to see if we could find lava lamps on tv, movies, print ads.
Just saw one.

ABC.com full episode player, 5/5/08 DWTS, first commerical break, Discover card, lava lamp next to the computer, dead center, 32z silver base/cap, yellow/orange, still caught mid flow, hazy.


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The Sopranos season 1 episode 3

Meadow goes over to Christopher's house with her friend to score some meth and at the 18:30 mark a flowing lava lamp can be seen in his pad.

I remember watching The Prisoner on TV when I was little. I think that is were I first saw a Lava Lamp. The link below goes to a documentary-et on YouTube.

Lava Lamps and Gyroscopes in The Prisoner

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