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Blue Liquid/Yellow Wax Black Midnight on Craigslist, I'll pick it up for whomever wants it.


It's somewhat (about 40-50 miles) near me. If anyone wants/needs it I'll pick it up and send it to you for cost/shipping + $3.50 (for the gas to get there and back).

Well, you'd have to email him because "the black base has small star cut outs in it, so the lights shines star shapes onto the wall". That sounds weird, but... meh.

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My guess is that it is a Wizard since it has the star cut outs. Seems like maybe someone could haggle with him on the price (but people on craigslist are warned to not deal with non-local buyers.)
Well, I'll be picking it up. So he doesn't have to know it's a non-local buyer. I work until about 5-6 Mon-Fri. Saturday and Sunday I could go pick it up any time. Just let me know how much to pay him and where to meet him.

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