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Hi All!!

I have a problem with one of my Mathmos Jets. The vase had lost some of its liquid over the years so I thought it was time to do a liquid change. I replaced the liquid with the same stuff as I have used on other Jets over the years with no problems. Once the lamp heated up the wax separated from the metal coil at the bottom and rose to the top of the vase!! The wax did not settle again, just stayed at the top of the vase. I thought that the wax may sink once it cooled down but it is now a solid lump stuck at the top!!

Has anyone else had a similar problem before?

Any way of fixing it?

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Sorry cant help but I hope you get the lamp fixed.

Hi Bohdan,

Thanks for the reply. I did not do just a partial change of the liquid. I did a full change. The lava did flow ok before the change. The liquid was quite low and very clouded.

The wax must react with the liquid and break it up chemically. I bought the replacement off e-bay from a seller who said it could be used with Jets, Astros and Astro Babys.

Wish I hadnt bought it now as it looks like its wrecked a perfectly good lamp!!!
Ive tried watering the liquid down with distilled water and it doesnt appear to help. Looks like the lamp is "buggered" and a good shaking is in order!!!
Its an early metal base Jet. As you say, the liquid is probably different with the older Jets.
I have refilled a couple of other lamps with some of Ultraviolets cocktail!! It worked ok with the Astro Baby's and a later Jet. Its just this early Jet which it has totally messed up!!

The liquid is definatly a home made brew!! It stinks of washing up liquid!!
Astrobaby - The Jet has a plastic top and metal base. So I dont think its one of the earliest examples as they had metal tops.

As for the replacement liquid, I doubt its the exact Mathmos formula!! Its probably just salt water with a hint of washing up liquid that he brewed up in his garden shed!!

I will NOT be buying any more of it as its totally wrecked a nice looking Jet!!

Thamks Astrobaby, I'll have to give it a whirl!!


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