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hi guys...i'm new to this site...glad to know that there's a community for the lava lamp lovers...
anyway guys,i have some problems with my lava lamp. The wax doesn't flow properly and it has so many air bubbles. Sometimes the wax is just floating in a big round shape. The color of the wax is actually red, but in fact, it's not a solid red. It's more like a glossy transparent red with a very smooth texture.
Does anyone know the problems?What should I do to solve these problems?
I attach several pictures of my lava lamp so you guys can see the problems.
Thanks heaps guys and forgive my english... :)


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Unusual but still pretty, however, if it is not flowing too well it kind of defeats the object. It looks like the wax bubble high up is mainly air hence the transparency. I'm not quite sure why or how there should be so much air in that particular globule?

I hope you get a practical response soon.
thanks for replying guys...
yes, I think it's a 20oz pink/purple lava lamp and it's made in China. It doesn't have any inner heat ring...Here's some information about my lava lamp that i found on the vase:

Model No: LA154
Rated Voltage: a.c. 240V/50Hz
Maximum light bulb wattage: 25 watts
lava series 5
It's the original lava brand

I hope that information can help...
Do you have any idea what problems that i'm having here?What's your suggestion to fix it?Because i really love this lamp and i don't know what to do to fix it...my friend gave it to me as a birthday gift and i don't want to throw it away...

Thanks a lot guys...
Its overheating. That style and size of lamp is very stubborn, not really the best lamp to have, but you can try a dimmer. Another trick is to put some aluminum foil on the bulb to try to cut the heat down alittle. When the wax is off the spring in the bottom, its too hot.


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