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I have Peace Lava Lids for sale (50.00 including shipping) or for trade!
Things that I am looking to trade for:
Clear/orange 32oz globe
Budweiser aristocrat lamp
or make suggestions, it might be something I want!

Send me a message if interested

Please understand I only feel comfortable trading with regulars on this forum- no unknown newbies, for my security. Thanks!

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As you know I have 2 toppers I bought on ebay 5 years ago. I have NEVER seen any on ebay again. They really add a custom look to a lamp. I cant believe you found some. My 2 are of a skeleton and an alien. I never knew they made others. Lava world cannot have made many, does anyone else on the forum have one? Anybody wanting one should scoop them up, I dought you will seee them again. It would look awesome on a peace ceramic lamp, dont you think? Rob
What would you like to trade?
Hey bohdan, I notice yours are on the caps, I put mine directly on the lamp. Is that ok to do?
I put my sceleton one on the cap and couldnt get it off, i had to destroy the cap to get it out of the topper
Ouch, I definitely wont try that then. Leeder, let me know when you get the topper, how you like it!

Anyone else want to buy or trade for one? I have two left!
OMG these have gotta be the coolest things ever! I have never even seen these before and you guys know how i love my icons! Now i am desperate for one but i dont have any money or anything i want to trade. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! p.s. what are they made out of, ceramic or resin?
Does anyone know what year these came out? I dont remember seeing these in the stores. So if I had to guess it would be mid nineties because I didnt buy much during that time, being a poor college student and all. anyone know for sure?
wow, I had not seen them until about a year ago on ebay. One of each went up and out for about 50.00 each. And I dont think that they were NIB.
Hows the sales going, I bet you sold out already.the toppers add so much to a lamp, talk about rare items. hope you save one for yourself
i did save one, other than you, no other takers, guess i will list on ebay, wish i had done it before xmas. will wait a while now

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