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Hey anyone got good ideas here's mine: lava lamp with glow-in-the-dark lava or a lava lamp with legos inside please reply!

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I don't think the lego one would work out very good lol. But i do like your glow in the dark lava idea. My idea would be see through/clear lava with a white or silver cap and base.
I'd love a wall made up of lots of square/rectangular lamps all blobbing up and down, obv they would be very tall, but quite thin. the heat from all the surrounding lamps would help the lava rise to the top!

they would be white, blue & purple.

well if you're gonna dream, might as well dream big!
i like the glow in the dark idea. i would like to somehow come up with a sparkly midnight blue lava in clear liquid with a chrome midnight blue pinhole base. and make it a 32 oz please. i like the 20 ounces, (it's what i mostly have) but i LOVE the 32's
nice ideas guys but just wondering how do I get glow in the dark fluid?
dunno, if you heated the lamp but with a metal piece in between the bulb and lamp absorbing the heat and transferring to the lamp, but without any light getting through to the bottle that would look well cool with glow in the dark!
"My idea would be see through/clear lava with a white or silver cap and base."

or even a transparent plastic base and cap? ;D

my idea is for something along the lines of a telstar, using an astro bottle, but instead of being a rocket it is like a big squid. The bottle is just the right shape for the body, the tentacles would make up the base/legs (instead of fins) and the cap would be the tail.

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