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A few days ago my sister went into the doctor to see just why her skin and eyes were turning yellow. Something is keeping her liver from filtering out something in her body. I forget what it is called.
After some tests were done they found she has Hepititis(SP?) and a colon infection. Then an x-ray revealed what the doctors thought may be a blockage, like a stone or something. When the results came back, it wasn't blockage but something that is pushing against her liver for some reason.
The doctors say there is a chance it could be cancer or something else.

This is why I ask for prayers from you. My sister is in the hospital right now waiting for a CAT scan that will be tomorrow at 7a.m. 6/23/08.

Please help me, my family and other friends pray that whatever is in her body is treatable. We are praying for a miracle.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers.
I'll update soon.


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Sending good thoughts to your sis and you Goodude.
I hope very much that it will be OK for your sister.
*sends positive thoughts*

The very best of luck to you and your family

Lucy x
prayers and thoughts extended fully to you, your sister and family.
Thank you everyone for your concerns.

After the CAT scan, no tumors or masses were found. This might be a good thing. I am believing nothing is there and that whatever was there is miraculously gone now.

We all appreciate your prayers. Thank you ALL!

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Astrobaby. I know how it is to have a sick loved one. And I also know how it is to loose a loved one My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your friend also.

Thank you all once again. This means a lot to me.

The doctors found a tumor or something in her bile ducts. I believe in her liver. The doctors told us the tumor is 95% cancerous. She is waiting for an appointment for surgery to get everything removed.
We are praying that the tumor can be 100% removed. We are all being confident and trusting in our Lord that everything will turn out just fine.

I'll keep everyone updated.

I am scared with what all can happen.

Thanks, please keep us posted

I pray for your sister

God bless her and you too.

An update on my sister.

My mom and I went with my sister to the hospital for her consultation about her surgery she will be having. The news wasn't so good.

Where the cancer is, it is in the bile duct which also goes with the pancreas.
The doctor told us there is a 98% chance the cancer has spread to a wider area and a major surgery will need to be done which will include removing the lower half of her stomach, removing half of her pancreas, removing a small section of her small intestine and her gull bladder. If all that needs to be done, there is a 20% chance that she will live 5 years. And within that 20% there is a 20% chance she will live 5 years longer than that.

With the 2% chance she has, it is a lot better, but it is still a big surgery. If the cancer is localized at the place where the bile duct and pancreas meet at the small intestine, then the doctor can just remove those ducts and bypass them and she will recover. The doctor is hoping for the best, which is the 2% chance of the cancer being localized.

He did tell us that by looking at the CAT scan, the cancer seems to be localized in the good area. But, the CAT scan is not as accurate as the human eye would be. So we will not know for sure until the surgeon starts performing the surgery to see what is going on.

The family and I are all praying and trusting in the Lord for the best. But we are still very much scared because we just don't know what's going to happen. I am believing for a full recovery. I know miracles can happen. My dad was a living miracle and my mom is too. So I have reason to believe.
Staying positive is the hard part.
I have not been o.k. since hearing the news. Keeping myself together isn't working. I have been a wreck because I just don't know exactly what is going on.

Please pass this prayer request on to as many people you know. My sister and family need as much prayer as we can get. I very much appreciate you all here. You are all great! And I thank you for that.

My sister's surgery is on July 11th in Sacramento.

Sorry to hear that things seem so chaotic for your sister and your family. If I can find somewhere quiet and meditate for a while (even if I just sit in the bathtub or listen to calming music), it helps me calm down a bit. Yes, your sister is in crisis, but you should try to take care of yourself first, in order to be strong for everyone.

I think that whatever will be, will be - everything happens for a reason. I know it's hard to think positively right now, but sometimes things have a way of working out for the best. For instance, I had to have surgery for something and it later led me to find the correct medicine that I'd been searching for - about 10 years worth of trying different meds - until I found the right one. If I hadn't had that surgery, I don't think I would have found the right medicine, since I had already given up searching for any meds that could help me.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your sis and your family and I will send all of you healing, positive energy.


Jen P.
Thank you, Arne. I really appreciate our support.
I know miracles can happen.

Thank you,
Thank you, Jen P.
I am doing o.k. today. As well as my family. We are being positive about everything.

Thank you for your support.

My mom and I are going to Sacramento to stay the night since my sister is going to have her surgery early Friday. When I get back home I will let everyone know how the surgery went.

Thank you all again for your support.

Hi W_J,

How did it go today? How is your sister? You and the rest of your family? I sent prayers out today for all of you. I hope that it was successful. You, your sister and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted.

Hopeful regards,

Jen P.

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