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Information Sources or Book(s) on Lava Lamps and/or Glitter Lamps

Does anyone know the best sources of information on Lava Lamps and/or Glitter Lamps? Is there a definitive book or expert/author? Where do you all get your information? Are there catalogs or pamphlets from various makers? I am mostly interested in vintage lamps. I saw the one posting for the "Cocktail shakers, lava lamp" book and am waiting for Bryin's coffee table book. Anyone have any suggestions (aside from reading every page of this web site)?

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Thanks Bohdan. Jen, here's the link:
Thanks Astrobaby - It looks like a lot of info! As soon as I get a chance, I will check out all of these links and let you know what I think. I do appreciate your help. Thanks again. Oh by the way, I think you might have looked at the rare spire lamp - I added a reply you might want to check out if you want to make one of these yourself!

Thanks again,

Jen P.
Thanks Bohdan - you're right! There are loads of info on these pages and the people are so great to spend time sharing all their really invaluable knowledge.

Thanks everyone!!!

Jen P.
Thanks Mark Goo - I really appreciate your help. I'll check out the additional link. There is soooooo much to learn, but I am very grateful to all the kind and gracious oozers for their magnanimous offers of help and information.


Jen P.

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