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Looking for a Lava Lamps for sale. (Read for details)

I'm looking for a unique lamp as opposed to the ones I currently have. I really like the Aladdin lamp, Starlight, and Starship lamps, but post any that you have up for sale and I'll take a look at them. I can pay through PayPal/Ebay only. If this is a problem, please do not post.

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Hi Justin,

I personally don't have anything to trade yet - I am really new, and I don't really know much. So please excuse me if I make an idiot out of myself.

I am not sure, but I think this one might be a Starlight?:
I'd be careful with this one though, I can't tell whether it works or not and the seller says there is adhesive on it. Ask one of the experts about getting adhesive off without any damage or markings. If the Starlight is the one I am thinking of, I have seen a lot of these also on eBay and online in general.

I've seen a lot of starships around on eBay - but I can't tell if they're repros from China. [EVERYBODY - watch out for the China lamps - they might be trying to poison us with yet another tactic! - and they are horrible about abusing human rights!] I'd try and go with an original if possible. England seems to have better selections of some lamps and I think this is one of them. (I think the Starship was/is a mathmos).

I've only seen one Aladdin recently and it went for something like $250 (between $200 and $300).

There is something called (I think) Saturna on ebay now - the lamp itself looks to be in decent shape - but I can't say what's going on inside with the lava. Even if you had to redo the inside (I don't have any idea how hard this is to do with lava - I think it's easier with glitter), I think the price is right and it looks similar to the Aladdin:


Sorry, I can't be of more help, but I love to hunt for things and I will be watching for lamps for you.

Jen P.
Yeah. I only like American. I wasn't specific enough. I only want lava lamps. No glitter lamps. Sorry about that. I'm fairly new here also, but I'm not afraid to post. Everyone here is so friendly. Everyone is looking for another persons opinion and help when it comes to having the same interest. Hope to see you around.

By the way: I'm watching the Saturna Lamp.
I hope you find what you're looking for. If I see anything for you, I will still let you know. Also if you do some searching on eBay, you might want to check the box for Worldwide, since I have found that they often have American things over there when I can't find them here. Just a thought.


Jen P.
Thanks for the tip and thanks for the help. I will do that.
Oh, sorry about that. Just any with the starlight base.
Yeah, your right. They're so rare and very cool looking. No surprise.
Well yeah. These collectables are going to go for a lot. Some I'm willing to pay for, others its not worth it. I take a look at all of them.
Sadly im thinking of getting rid of some of my collection, it breaks my heart. Times are tough and priorities are priorities.... i have an alladin, saturna, americana many ceramics. black,gold and silver centuries plus many many more. anyone interested beforfe they get listed on ebay?
How much are you asking for the Americana?
dunno what a fair price is? any help out there? i know i paid some serious$ it has the box and is perfect. i wouldnt even dream of selling it if i didnt need the money. it breaks my heart. rob
i also have a millenium and camel ciggarette aristocrats both with boxes as well as starships
Man, you guys are using my discussion to buy lamps? LOL :(

What's on sale, leeder? =]

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