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Hi you all!!!! just got my Lunar Lava !!!! I'm sooooo happy!!!! has a small dent on the cone but that's ok .. anyways I don't think there are so many in Italy so I feel real lucky .. How do I polish the dam thing?!?!?!?! CIAO!!!!!!

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well, as luck would have it I also got a lunar last week!
I have used 'Silvo' which is just the silver metal equivalent of 'Brasso'

Bascically it's a metal polish I can get in any supermarket, so I guess you must have a similar product in Italy.

It comes as a impregnated cloth type thing in a can, you tear a bit off, cover the metal in circular movements, then when all is covered, rub it all away.
At first it looks black, then the shine is revealed!
I will post a pic of my handiwork tonight so you can see how effective it is.

Good luck!
by the way, congrats, what a superb lamp! I love mine :)
I have used another product on my lunar recently and it works even better if you are carefull.
It's called 'Autosol' and I got it from a motor shop where you buy car wax etc.
it gets rid of rust, corrosion, water marks etc.
If you do use it, try not to use a circular motion on the cap and base, but it's fine for the legs.
It takes a little bit off the top, like 'T' cut, so it will leave circular scratches if you're not carefull.
HY Y'ALL!!! thanx for the suggestions!!! Here's my SUPER SHINY LAMP!!!!! CIAO!!

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