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Hi everyone, I had ordered 2 red/clear(not) lava lamps from Spencer.com a couple weeks ago. They are terribly cloudy and the red wax looks like it has flakes of white powder in it. I've been trying the method on this site to help clear it up (running it until warm, turning it off) but it has only marginally helped and the white flakes seem to be getting worse. What is this white stuff and is there anything I can do about it?

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white wax dye? in red lava? really? I called them and they offered to let me keep them and ship me replacements. Should I not do this?
both say:
Ok, so I told them to go ahead and ship me new ones. I figure I'll end up with 4 lava lamps even if the new ones come in cloudy. I work in a chem lab so I'm going to try to run the liquid through a 2 micron filter and see what happens.

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