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Her surgery was a 100% success and she is now cancer free thank god. Her head is in a little pain but thats normal. Very little memory loss but they said that would be normal and she would regain it soon. Thanks for all that prayed. She is gonna come on the site and say hi in a couple of days. She has to take it easy.

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This is good to hear. I wondered what happened to bumpkin. Everything still ok?
About 2 weeks ago I tried sending her a letter and never got anything. So no I would imagine everything is not ok, her parents blocked me from calling. If anyone lives by Madera, CA stop in the Madera walmart because that's where she works.
Come back Bumpkin.. We miss you here.

All at Oozing Goo wish you well

Peace and lava
I don't think she can come back. I think her parents did something, they were very strange people and would stop at nothing to make her miserable. Hopefully one day she'll return :)

Tell her if she wants to be a redhead, I just donated almost a foot of hair. ;)
Thanks for the update Matt.
This is great news!
I must have missed something? What's good news? Yes, she is cancer free, but that was last year. What about the fact that nobody can reach her or know her current state of being?
I'm real confused about the parents thing. My last communications with her was after she had bought a house and was fixing it up. She had just moved in. That was in the fall. Her brother put down flooring for her. I remember her saying her brother was the only relative she had a relationship with. She was battling her demons at the time.
She was very close to her brother David . She did buy a house but last I heard she lost it or the bank took it away because she couldn't make the payments. I tried calling and my number is blocked. She was taking some anti depressant pills and she would talk about suicide a lot. God I hope she is alright. Maybe someone can call her or pay her a visit if your in Madera County. If anyone does please tell her to call me. I normally don't post people's private info however in this case I'll make an exception because I'm worried about her.

Nicole Myers
18685 Shell Dr.
Madera, CA 93638

(559) 673-2348
Whoever answered (a lady) said she does not live there anymore and that if I gave her my number, she would give it to her and so on. Not sure anything will help.
That was probably her mom. So i guess that means she is living on her own. I dont know why she doesn't come on here or go on her yahoo anymore.
I guess when you get a second lease on life your priorities change?

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