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CIAO!!! My Lunar stops flowing after 4-5 hours ... here's a pic of it .. I tried to turn it off for 5 min and then turn it on again and it starts flowing again .. is it normal? thanx :)

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.. :( after turning it on again the lamp stops flowing after 5 minutes ... HeLp ..
what size bulb are you using?
If its 100 watt, you will need to turn it down on the dimmer once it starts flowing or it will overheat.
I know it seems strange, but when they get too hot sometimes they won't flow.
As you are having the same trouble after 5 mins of turning it back on, I would assume it's getting too hot.
The bottle may be old as well, the bottle in mine is a little old and the wax doesn't flow quite how I would like it too, so i'm getting a new bottle for it.
try turning it down like I said above, and let me know how you get on, as I haven't had my lunar for long either.

Even if it's a 75 watt (as originally used) try dimming it anyway and see what happens.

Good luck
Lucy x
I'm Jealous

Can I join the Lunar club?
if you wanna fork out £500! lol. have you seen that one on ebay ATM? starting £500. I emaile dthe seller and told him/her they were being greedy!
THANX GUYS AND GALS !!! I followed your suggestions to let it cool down a bit and keep it cooler and it's flowing beautifully now as you can see in the video section :) CIAO!!!!
hi federico, i know this has nothing to do with the flow of your lunar....... i have a lunar and to clean the metal work use silvo, its sold in most supermarkets and its in a tin(inside tin is like a cloth soaked in metal polish), you can use it on all shiny metal. looks great when done. let me know how you get on. x chris
The new lunar bottles from Mathmos tend to run a lot hotter compared to bottles from the time the lunar was in production thus hopefully avoiding this problem.

If you are using a 100w bulb after maybe 3 - 4 hours you will need to turn the heat down to about half or even less to keep a nice flow.
Hi Marcel,
bevor noch schlimmeres passiert.
Ließ mal mein Kommentar auf deiner Seite
Do you not already have an in-line dimmer on it?
The dimmer looks like a small black box with a slider and a red light, thay are fitted to all lunars. Sounds like someone has had yours away!

People use 100w bulbs I guess so the lamp will heat up faster and because thay have a dimmer fitted its ok. I'll post some pics of the dimmer later if I can.

Also never buy bulbs from mathmos, thay are a total rip off.
Where the cable goes into the lamp looks like all of my lunars. The switch is not original.

The osram bulbs will work with the dimmer so your set. As i said let it warm up then lower the heat.

Mathmos sell lunar bulbs for over £9. I can buy the exact same bulb from the same manufacture for less than £1, same with astro bulbs. I think they rely on people thinking they are a special sort of bulb or something.

Enjoy it, they are great looking lamps with a very unique flow.
The bulbs mathmos sell are just normal bulbs but with a 1000% mark up. As you say with a dimmer its ok.

With new bottles, heat the lamp for 3 hours or so then dimm to maybe around half then dimm again in another couple of hours if your running it for longer.

Older bottles will need to be dimmed earlier and more or thay will just stop running.

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