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Is this a Princess Wall Mount? If so I claim it as mine! No need to bid on it at all.;)

A Consort with wooden base. Why is this over $100.00 already?
Is it the lava color? I've seen other Consorts with wood bases go for much less.

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Yeah, the first one is the princess wall mount as it appears. Might be worth a shot at. Looks like a rare novelty indeed.

The second one I've been watching since about 20 minutes after it got listed. Of course at that time it was still in my price range of up to $50. I'm thinking the reason why it's so high is because of the color yellow. It's also in amazing shape. You could probably pass it off as new.

GL on bidding on the wall mount. Be sure to take pictures. I haven't seen many of the wall mounts.
I've actually been watching the wall mount myself. I asked the seller to please post a photo of the back of it to make sure that it includes the detachable bracket. If it doesn't have the bracket, it will be worth a lot less because it will be very difficult to hang on the wall. The bracket is a 2-part system. One part is attached to the back of the wood. The other part attaches to the wall with 2 nails so that the lamp doesn't move from side to side. The wall part fits into the lamp part. I'll let everybody know if I get any photos in an e-mail.
P.S. If it was an Empress, you would have to worry more about getting it. :)
Looks like the wall lamp is at $250 with 4 days to go. More than I can afford right now. Good luck to whoever wants it the most.
I am not sure what this one is - but it looks a lot like the yellow consort with wooden base - it's currently on eBay and going for a lot less than the cool yellow one:


Good luck to all you bidders out there.

Oh, by the way, the Seller of the wall mount lava lamp just posted another photo. I don't think it has any additional bracket for mounting. Does anyone else who has one of these know?

Jen P.
I am posting a photo of what the back of the Princess Wall Mount should look like. It should also have the bracket with has 2 holes for nails to stabilize it and the screws from the back fit snugly into the bracket. This keeps it from turning and breaking. Since this particular item is going for a lot of money, I thought my buddies on oozinggoo should know what it's missing.
The wall sconce is an Empress, not a Princess, the Empress being the rarer of the two. The Aurora globe will have spectacular Mathmos-like flow. Its original globe is gone, but the Aurora globes do fit.
Well, it was a lot! But I won the Empress! Thank you Jonas for pointing out that it was an Empress and not a Princess. Now I have both and the Crestworth wall-mount (does anybody know the name of that model?).
Congratz - you finally got your Empress!
Thanks. Yeah, I was afraid that I might go upwards of $600 or $700. I'm really happy that it didn't (because I can't even afford what I paid for it), but hell, I've been looking for one for over 10 years. It makes me very happy!
Congrats! Please post some pics when you get it up and running. Actually, I'm greedy, could you please post pics of BOTH! :)
Believe it or not, I'm still waiting to get my Empress from this auction. I paid for it on the 16th and it still hasn't arrived.

I have e-mailed the seller several times and they keep assuring me that it's on it's way. THEY SENT IT VIA PARCEL POST even though I paid A LOT FOR SHIPPING AND INSURANCE ($32.00 plus the additional $405.00 for the lava lamp = $437.00).

When I check the USPS website tracking, it just says that they were electronically notified but have not received it.

When I requested the seller's contact information, their number goes directly to a message that says, "We're sorry, but this person has not set up their message bank yet.". Am I getting concerned? YES!

When I e-mail the seller, they e-mail back right away. When I requested their information and then e-mailed them that their number is not working, the e-mail I received back says, "Don't start harrassing us with phone calls."

If I don't receive it by Friday (which will be over 2 weeks since I paid for it), I will put in a claim with PayPal. I WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE THE LAMP! My biggest fear is that after the auction ended, some unscrupulous person offered them more money for it and they sold it to them.

Am I being impatient or foolish? Opinions?

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