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Mathmos Fluidium Store Display & Mathmos Silver Store Display

I added 3 new photos to my photo section. They are all Mathmos. One is an original store display with 4 different types of Mathmos. Another is an original store display for the fludiums (a gift I bought him for Christmas several years ago) and the last shows various Mathmos lamps including a prototype glitter lamp with heavy liquid (like the glitter ball lamps) and huge pieces of glitter. Enjoy!!!

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Bryin - These are so wonderful - where in the world did you find entire displays!!?!! You have uncompromisingly good taste.


Jen P.
John found the grey display himself (on eBay). The fluidium display was up on eBay with a BUY IT NOW of 50 pounds. The wire was cut and it only included the bases. They are all wired together and it was a real pain in the butt to take the display apart (it wasn't mean to come apart) and re-wire it. Then I found the 4 fluidiums from all over the globe (on eBay). It was a number of years ago, so they weren't going for nearly as much as they go for now (especially the white one). I then put it all together, plugged it in and put a box over it Xmas morning so when he lifted the box, the display was lit and working. It was a lot of fun getting everything together and working. I was VERY FORTUNATE to find the display before anybody else did (because it was so cheap, I'm sure a lot of people would have scooped it up). This past Xmas I was able to buy him a Lunar. I found the base and cap in Australia (from eBay) and the bottle was a BUY IT NOW from London. As you can tell, he loves Mathmos (which isn't easy when you live in NYC and Mathmos won't ship to the States).
Any idea of how to find an Astro Baby Glitterball (Shiny silver base and cap and silver/grey metallic lava)? Anyone interested in selling one here in the States? Bryin - what would be a fair price for one of these - if I could even find one?


Jen P.
The last one I saw for sale in the States was new in the box and went for over $300.00
Of course it did. ;-)

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