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I was watching my 5225 Series lava lamp work the other day and it just stopped... out of nowhere. I went over and carefully took it off the base and noticed it was hanging on by a thread. Only a small piece of lava was holding it to the coil. So I turned it off immediately and let it flow back down... I turned it back on and it doesn't connect all the way around the coil so its interfering with the flow. Do I need to return this? I just got it less than a week ago. Thanks.

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I can't imagine how you would rectify this. I would return it as it's very new.
The fact that it connects in a place with the coil, but not all the way around, doesn't sound like a surface tension problem. if it is, you could fiddle with the globe, but i'd return it, as you won't be able to if you've tampered with it and made it worse.
How disappointing for you, thats so rubbish when you get a new lamp :(
I fixed it for now, but I still decided to call and return it because it could be faulty anyway so I'd feel more comfortable with a new one and not having to worry about this one getting ruined. Do they usually ask for it to be returned? Maybe i'll luck out and get to keep them both.

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