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so I got my first Glitterball today.
It's not the metalic lava, its the see-through-ish lava with glitter actually in the regular lava

so what I want to know is:-

How come it doesn't have a coil?
Why does it flow so slowly?
Is it normal to have so many 'bits' in the liquid?

I must confess, I love Mathmos stuff but am a tad dissapointed with this lamp.

I'd love to hear others views on this lamp


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it's green!
I can't see the green one on the flow-of-lava page.
But yes, it is like the earlier ones with the non-metallic lava.
It's flowing quicker now, but am getting increasing small blobs, where a large blob has come away, there is a little weeny blob which was created in the pull between the main mass and new blob, you know what I mean.
But the liquid is denser, so they are not settling at all.
cheers for that Ant and Tom

it certainly is different to my other lamps. It is growing on me now! (slowly)

i'd love a silver one like as you mentioned, I've seen them and I love how the lava looks like mercury which is just too cool.

Ant, do your glitterballs have a coil at the bottom? mine has what looks like a plastic ring, which is alot smaller than the usual coil size, that just threw me a bit!
yeah i'll post a piccy tonight!
and you have a nice day too! :)
I've gotta tell you all, i've had the glitterball on for the last two days and i'm completely in love!

Ant, you're right, they are very beautiful
Hiya Lucy

I love this colour, one of my favourites

I think I prefer the glitterball to the metallics even.

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