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Feel like a dummy! On one of my Silver Starship bases I noticed a dent, so, I attempted to ,carefully, tap it out with the handle of a butter-knife! The result was an,almost popped-out dent with about 3 zit-looking things on the metal. Any ideas? Stinks cause the globe and flow are nice. Exasperated.

Any help appreciated.

Rich, The Mayor of Simpleton

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Much appreciated. I swear, I did not see the blemish when I got it off e-bay. And it is on one side of my bed night-stand, so it is not moved much, when I went to change the bulb I saw it! YIKES!

Am taking it slow and steady. Used The Bic method for awhile, this evening. May I say, you are so right? Got a LOT of the blems/"zits" out, but will need the sandpaper. As it is now, much better, but, the way I am, want it showroom.
So, I am going to read your advice and meticulously work on it.

My thanks. This forum is a godsend, full of great individuals willing to assist even a newbie like me.



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