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Hi to everybody.
As you've probably noticed I'm new here, but am getting waaaay to many lamps all of a sudden.
In a week I got a midnight clear/green, a lavalite 32oz in clear/blue and a aristocrat yellow/red.
well... I'm having hard time finding a bulb that fits in the lamp being not so long to be too close to the bottle.
Now I found a bulb, but the lava tends to separate in pretty small (olive size or a bit more) bubbles and very rapidly, plus there are dozens of very small bubbles all around, as if it where sparkling water.
--With the aristocrat, I tried to put it in the base of the mathmos, and it tends to form veery big blobs, and at time columns, since there is a big amount of wax that flows at the top, and sometimes the wax from the bottom fuses with the one of the top.
When I put it in the aristocrat base, it tends to make many small blobs, that move fast. In both cases, then, there are many small sparkles in this lamp too.
How can i get them to have a regular flow? are those sparkles (in both of them) the referred to "cloudyness".. then I fear it occurred in the transportation.bye

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Thank you! prompt as usual!!by the way, I solved that issue on the plugs, remember.
I was implying that the bulbs are 40W that's the problem, by frosted you mean opaque? that may be less hot??
FORTUNATELY no milk or shit like that.. just the wax.
ok.. so when blobs are pretty much and stay at top is way too hot... but how comes if I use 40w? probably it should be of 120 instead of 130??
... I'm a bit discouraged:( I hope not to tamper them irreversibly, but If I understood correctly until you don't drop them when they're hot it's fine!!!
If you want to find a 25 watt appliance bulb, look at either Lowe's or The Home Depot. I forget which one has them, but they do have them there. Pick one up and see if your lamp flows on it.
I once had a 32oz clear/red lava lamp that had the hundreds of tiny blobs problem. The problem was the wax was too runny or something....it was a 2003 China Lava Lite from when they first came out. I had to use a 25 watt appliance bulb to get it to run with the bigger blobs.

If the "sparkles" you are talking about are what I am thinking. They are air bubbles in the glass. Do the sparkles just stay in one spot like a bubble on the glass or are they actually floating around inside with the wax?

Also, quite a few lava lamps that I have flow just fine, But they have lots and lots of tiny, pin head to BB sized lava balls floating around in the globe also. It is normal, though annoying to a new collector. I have gotten used to it now. But it is something that a lot of globes may do.

I hope this info helps you.

thanks, apart from the shops to buy in, which may be at thousands of miles, since I'm Italian :) .
I just thought of getting a 25w bulb, and just was struck minutes ago with another idea: here in Italy we have 250v electricity, that may render to hot the bulb too, so maybe a 25W or 15w italian produces the heat of 40w AMERICAN.
fortunately, the sparkles are very very tiny bubbles moving around, not chips in the glass.
put the lamp a cold place and use a very strong light bulb,
but imo your lamp is game over
what does "but imo your lamp is game over" mean??
I think Nico means "In my opinion your lamp is dead."

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