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I believe I scored a clear/chocolate globe today.

I went into a Strawberry AlarmClock store today and as I was heading into the store I noticed a clear/black Midnight sitting there flowing. It looked clear/black and I thought it was a China globe. I got curious and asked the guy if he would take a look at the bottle cap and see if it said Lava Lite or of it had a sticker on it.
He said "It says Lava Lite." I asked how much he wanted for it because I wanted to buy it. He told me their regular price was $24.99. I was STILL gonna buy it for that price no problem because I have been looking for a clear/black Lava Lite globe for the longest. Then he drops the price down to $20 since it has been there for awhile. Even better.

We let it sit for a little bit to let the lava settle while he gets a box ready. Not original, but that's ok.

When I get it home, I turn it on and as it is flowing, I notice that the wax is not as dark as it was in the store. Something with the light I guess. The wax looks like dark chocolate in the globe. No the pigment has not bled into the liquid. The wax is just not really black.

Is this an actual clear/chocolate??
I am curious because I have wanted one of those too since they are kind of .....accidental?

Any extra information would help a lot.

I know I have collected lava lamps for over 8 years now, but I still don't know everything. heeheh. I just need more info.

I will post pics when I get my digital camera back.


P.S. I should mention that it might NOT be a genuine Midnight. The base was made in China. But by the flow of the globe I know at least the globe is a pre-china.

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So what is the story again as to how they produced the Chocolate wax? By accident? Thanks......
Interesting....thank you for the info Bohdan. I never knew that they were made on purpose.

The color of mine compared to yours in the pic you attached to your message is way different. Yours is a lighter shade than mine. Yours looks almost like milk chocolate and mine looks like dark chocolate.

I finally got my digital camera back and I will take a pic of it once it gets good and going.

i would love to get my hands on one of these
I finally have a pic of my newest globe. The picture is surprisingly close to the color in person.

Mine is definitely not totally black. If I look at my clear/black China and this one, the colors are different. The black in the U.S.A. globe does not look like dark chocolate...instead it looks like a charcoal black. maybe it is just a clear/black. Even if it is, I still really like it.

Here are a couple of pics of it cold.

Here are a couple of pics of my globe warming up.

You really think so??
That is really neat. I really enjoy the look of the lava as it looks like dark chocolate.

I am very glad I went to that store when I did and scored this lamp!

Thank you lots for the info, Bohdan!


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