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Wot No Chat??? Chat here instead. Temporary chat Zone

I thought i'd start another mini chat zone (tempoary) if anyone's interested. I do miss chat when it's not here and i understand it's under reconstruction.

Feel free to start any discussions.

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Hi Arne, good thanks but tired. Oh so Tired.

I've been helping to re-vamp my sister's garden
Not just re-vamping or sprucing up but digging earth and muck and filling holes and all sorts of Hard Labour! Lol
Hard work, makes men out of us I guess lol

ooh my legs and i've gotta be up in the morning to the boot sale!
Hey DJ

Boot sales are like Yard or Garage sales you have in the US only bigger I guess.

You can get some really cool bargains sometimes or it'll be just crap. either way it's good fun and fresh air on a fine morning (Sometimes). They're normally held in open fields or school playgrounds (schoolyards)
Hey Arne, You seeing the morning in Dude. Good luck, but you'll be tired later.. Lol

gotta go to bed soon. it's been a hectic weekend so far. I went to the British International Motor Show yesterday (Fri) It was so cool and the Girls there. Very nice...
Were all your lavas Mathmos? I saw your wave machine too. Possibly bargain of the month coz it's in such good condition.
It's good fun and very addictive. it's off to bed for me or i'll miss the bargains.

Goodnight guys
Hey Goodnight guys

thanks for the Chats. Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your weekend

Keep the chat going and the lava flowing

Yeah.. Good luck Arne

hope u find some more awesome bargains like before
Cool. A major bargain. Seriously major. Mathmos Rock
No mate, Single and still admiring. Oh those gorgeous motorshow girls (Dreams)
When theres problems a foot, who you gonna call....


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