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Wot No Chat??? Chat here instead. Temporary chat Zone

I thought i'd start another mini chat zone (tempoary) if anyone's interested. I do miss chat when it's not here and i understand it's under reconstruction.

Feel free to start any discussions.

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Ghost busters cant help you here, I am sure we can try though, lol
Cool Arne, always nice to score a Mathmos for little money!

I scored a couple today too. Woo Hoo!

I found a boxed violet and purple Astro and a Yellow bodied Jet with Yellow lava. Too Cool! It started raining a bit so was glad to rescue that Astro and its box from the wet. £8.50 the pair!

I am really pleased because at my first boot sale there was nothing but cheap knockoffs.
Not exactly a chat zone but better than nothing i guess, while we wait for the brand new chat to be available.
Not sure how the new Chat works. Is it still under construction? Can't seem to chat like before or type anything. Boo Hoo!

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